Is risk good or bad, how to take risks wisely and not be afraid? We figure it out together with and the experts.

Who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne? As far as this tactic reflects the real psychology of the Game – we will analyze together in the special project “Psychology of Gambling.

The three main rules of reasonable risk

Psychologists who are professionally engaged in the psychology of gambling, devoted to the risks of scientific articles and entire books. Coaches are trying to teach players to take risks properly. But gamblers themselves learn to control risks and not be afraid of them. What are the basic rules for gambling risks?

Let us distinguish three basic points, which should be considered by all, regardless of what you play, how experienced player you are and what goals you set for yourself.

Only gamble within your bankroll

A bankroll is the total amount of money you allocate to play. Make it a rule that you should never gamble with money that you cannot afford to lose. Play within your means and only risk within the limits you set for yourself in advance.

Pay attention to strategy

Even if you are a beginner, who is just taking the first steps to develop their own strategy, tactics and system, “peep” for themselves suitable schemes from others. Do not neglect the theory – read books on strategies or watch training videos. Numerous studies and years of observation show that in such circumstances, players choose a less risky way and do not act on the principle of “The hell with it, let’s play!

Choose reliable gambling sites

Regardless of whether you play online or offline, choose the site carefully, study the reviews about it, the range of games. And, of course, check the license, which guarantees the protection of your confidential data and payment of monetary rewards. In this way you will protect yourself from unwanted risks that have nothing to do with the very essence of the game and can spoil the pleasure of the gameplay itself.

How to overcome the fear of risk

Nevertheless, even observing the basic rules, which guarantee a reasonable risk, it is impossible to avoid it completely, that is the essence of gambling. Moreover, sometimes it is necessary and the final victory may depend on the ability to take risks. How, in such a case, not to be afraid to take a risk?

Professional poker psychologist Jared Tendler advises to figure out what you are really afraid of when you talk about risk? In his book “Poker. Mind Games 2,” the renowned expert writes:

What are you so worried about? Downstream? Losing money? Loss of self-confidence? By protecting themselves from risk, players subconsciously try to insulate themselves from larger problems, such as diminished confidence, tilt, etc. It is risky for them to participate in expensive games or to engage in high-discretionary activities, as losing will contribute to these more serious psychological problems. When these problems are eliminated, the fear of taking risks goes away, too.


Become indifferent to money

How to deal with psychological problems, we’ve already talked about here. In some cases, you may need the help of qualified professionals. If you understand or feel that there are no underlying problems behind the fear of taking risks, and it is only an understandable reluctance to lose money, then you can work with it quite successfully yourself.

To do this, psychologists advise to train a healthy indifference to money. Professional poker players and writers Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger in the book “The Poker Mindset” explain what they mean:

  • It’s not easy to learn to be indifferent about money, and it takes time. Be sure you always play according to the bankroll and risk limits you’ve set for yourself. As you build up your bankroll and raise your limits, also “work” on your risk tolerance. And remember, no one is forcing you to go up to higher limits if you feel you’re not yet ready for it.
  • And there’s one more important thing to make you feel more confident. Remember that you don’t have to take risks to be successful. It is much more important that you learn to accept and control it.

Fear of Casinos and What Causes it

There are two types of players – the first can easily control their emotions and not be afraid to bet large sums, while others may lose large sums due to gambling and even stay in debt. If you belong to the second group, then most likely you have a fear of casinos and try to avoid any gambling establishments.

What causes the fear

Fear of slot machines is often due to the fact that people are afraid to take risks. There is nothing wrong with this, prudence has never hurt anyone. But this may be due to simple lack of experience. The risk is always present, even professionals sometimes lose. But professionals also know how to win, so that in the end all the same stay in the black.

How to overcome fear

Any skill requires practice. Should thoroughly study the rules of the game, as well as tactics and various strategies. You just need to be patient and study everything thoroughly. The official website of the Izzi casino, you can usually find any information on the games they have available. You need to understand the importance of practice, because without it it is impossible to become a professional. Of course, you may not be able to win right away, but if you really want to, you can learn how to, so you don’t have to bet all your money hoping to get a big win. So you can be left without everything, if you act rashly.

So how do you start to play?

Almost all games and slots in online casinos have demonstration modes, and they should start a newcomer. In demo mode, you do not need to put real money, respectively impossible to lose, but to withdraw funds in the case of winning is also impossible. Demo modes to help you understand the nature of the game, learn the rules, perhaps, someone will be able to work out certain tactics, so that then, without fear of making real bets.

To play, do not necessarily have a computer, it can be done from a smartphone, many online gaming sites provide an opportunity. The main thing is not to start playing all the time, you may develop a game addiction. It is necessary to make sure to pause, to do other things. Also, you should never start playing on credit, you should keep self-control and a sober mind.

So, you shouldn’t be afraid. Find information, practice, and you will surely be able to win, and become a true professional.

How to overcome the fear of gambling in a casino?

Almost all newcomers who are thinking about starting to play in a virtual casino are most afraid of losing, losing money, not having fun, or simply “showing off as suckers.” These many fears sometimes simply prevent a person from actually winning, making money, achieving their important goals, and doing other very important things for themselves. It is worth noting that among professional gamblers there are many accounts of how each of them once managed to overcome their first doubts and fears. The ways of overcoming them are about the same for everyone. But first of all, you have to understand that playing in a virtual casino is not a violation of every conceivable moral and state laws, but simply a way of relaxation, as well as an opportunity to win some, and sometimes very big money.

Fear of not knowing the rules of the casino game

The first fear you have to cope with is ignorance of the rules, the fear of looking bad in front of your friends or breaking any reasonable laws of conduct in the casino. Dealing with such a problem is more than easy. To do this, just be attentive enough and play the demo, without risking any personal money. Playing on the demo, the player can both learn the rules of the game, which interested him, and become accustomed to what happens during the game, to understand, practice. No less important is the fact that while playing the player can also try out and learn from experience the best game strategies, without which it is unthinkable to win real money in the virtual casino on machines of all types. So the demo is the answer to the first and most understandable fears.

Fear of cheating

Secondly, you need to overcome the fear that the casino will not pay money or will cheat the player right in the game. You often hear the most ridiculous and bizarre rumors about this – for example, that the casino is faking the results of the game on the emulators on the go. This is impossible in principle. To understand this, you should take, for example, an invitation bonus or no deposit account, which are especially often given by new slot machines, such as, and play already for real money, in a real casino, but still without risking your money. In addition, you need to be careful to choose the right, reputable casino with a license to play, check it out. And in the casino itself, be sure to study the complete rules, which are always presented only in English – this version lists the player’s actions and strategies that are prohibited, and for which the casino will punish, in particular the denial of the deposit.

How to overcome fear of online casinos

On many Internet resources you can find very interesting articles on how to overcome the fear that people may have before the game. But many people experience fear of online casinos in general and give little thought to the causes of this phenomenon. But I want to play so much. Let not in order to win, but at least to know what it is and, if the case to demonstrate their competence in this matter.

But here’s something that always stops, makes you postpone getting acquainted with online casinos for later. Probably best to start “place” yourself in a comfortable environment and go to any cool online casino with a strong system of loyalty to newcomers. For example, at online casinos such as Vulkan, anyone can try their hand without any registration. You can use free Vulkan slot machines for as long as it takes to fully enter the material. And only after that, decide what you’re going to do next.

One of the main reasons for the fear, is the belief that the casino is a certain form of scam. It is likely that this stereotype was formed as a result of the substitution of one concept for another. The movie casinos, in which they undress random visitors, are confused with online casinos, in which, in fact, it is impossible to lose one’s life savings. The fear of online casinos vanishes in most people as soon as they realize that the casino makes its profits regardless of whether a particular player loses or wins.

To be more precise, the casino earns from the percentage of deposits and has no goal to lead you to a loss. Among other things, playing online casino slots Vulkan, visitors get the opportunity to participate in all activities of the club, to win in tournaments and lotteries, and just to get nice gifts.  In the process of playing for free, the player can feel both the state of victory, and the state of loss. If something is perceived too painful, you need to think about the reasons. Perhaps it has a negative impact on daily life, prevents the development in the chosen direction, inhibits the process of career growth. If the fear is caused by the banal awareness of unpreparedness – no problem. Slots Vulkan be a great free simulator for you and allow you to prepare for this game.

Reasons to overcome the fear of online casinos

The general population is often afraid not only to play in gambling clubs, but also to consider such an opportunity. People often succumb to the negative and simply false influence of many alarmists and simply unenlightened individuals who simply do not know what modern gambling really is.

Do not believe rumors and rely only on personal experience. Often people jump to conclusions or even base their decision on other people’s, often negative, experiences.

It is believed that the casino is played only by gambling addicts who are willing to lose at the roulette table or the slot machines of the whole state. However, according to official statistics, there are almost no such users at online casinos. Often, quite prosperous people who have an education, stable income and strong family or personal relationships play cards or slot machines.

Many will also tell you that it is impossible to win at a casino, because it is made specifically so that you will lose. If that were in reality true, casinos would not have been popular for hundreds of years in a row, and these days would not be attracting hundreds or thousands of new players a day.

If you are going to put the wisely, choose the right game or machine for you and also attract to their side of luck, you will certainly get from visiting online casinos not only fun but also a solid win.

Note that in order to start playing at Red Dog casino log in, you often don’t need money at all. After all, large platforms allow the first time to use the resource for free, as well as regularly provide various bonuses and gifts that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Do not lose time, step over your fears and become part of the world of gambling, which is more interesting than ever.