If you like to play slot machines probably faced with the feeling that everyone around you is lucky, but not you. Well, to conquer the fear that you can not win a huge amount, it takes just a little: love the game.

Slots on the page of a famous site – this is nothing like the software, written by the best programmers and safe from hacking programs. Moreover, the administration of the club also can not make adjustments to the slot, so do not think that success depends on a huge number of factors. The playing field contains drums, with a certain set of images. Each of them has its own rotation program, so when a lucky combination falls out, it is nothing but really random. Slot machines are loved precisely because they do not require long and constant reflection on the game. It is important to trust your intuition and listen to the inner voice, which will tell you when it is better to stop the game and take the jackpot.

The feeling that everyone is lucky, but not you arises after another unsuccessful game. Before kicking your failure, try to understand the psychological aspect. What thoughts are you sitting down to play? Why are they often negative, something like “I won’t be lucky again,” “I won’t be able to hit the jackpot,” etc. So, the tests carried out on the possibility of human thoughts influencing the outcome of a certain event in life have shown that the better we think about the future, the higher the probability that it will be. In practice, the scheme was simple. You sit down at the gaming table and mentally begin to scroll through how happy you would be if you were able to increase your bet or win the risk game. You will see how, after a certain period of time, the things you thought up will begin to come true. You should not confuse the predicted with the contrived. Mistress Fortune really does not like it when a person does not act and just sits and fantasizes. Do not forget to make the necessary bets and think only about winning. What is important is not the amount, but the very understanding that you can win some money. Even if you get lucky by $10, be sure to thank your luck, because this is also an achievement.

Offers from online gambling houses

In addition to the usual card games, roulette and slots, Slots Empire casino bonus https://slots-empire.org/bonus/ and runs a huge number of promotions in order to attract even more people. An interesting solution is to try your hand at lotteries. Online lottery tickets also have a certain serial number, so the more you collect, the higher your chances are. The prizes may offer both impressive sums and material values, including cars, yachts and even apartments. Casino lottery should not be confused with the national lottery. It can be held several times a year, with no specific periodicity. Such an offer can also be a great way to test your luck. Remember: only a positive attitude!

Indeed, you can lose the money you invested in the project and end up with a hole in the family budget. But there are ways to avoid that:

  • Involve a partner who will share the financial risks with you. For example, once my “Netology” proved viable, I attracted a small round of investment. The company no longer depended solely on my money, and I myself was now better able to manage my own finances.
  • Create a “safety cushion” for the family budget in advance. No one is forcing you to invest all of your money in the business, it can only be a portion of it. When I was building my first startups, I always tried to keep money in reserve for 2-3 months of my family’s life. But that is, as they say, on the thin side. Now I would recommend myself to have a six-month supply for personal needs.
  • Write a stop loss – a clear criteria in which the project needs to close. Something similar is advised to gamblers: take with you to the casino exactly as much money as they are consciously prepared to lose. It should be an amount whose loss would not turn your life into a nightmare. For example, when I was building one of my early projects, I decided in advance that if it didn’t break even within 6 months, I would have to close it.
  • Consistent thinking and risk optimization will give you more confidence. And even if the project doesn’t eventually shoot out, it won’t be a disaster – you won’t go under, and your kids won’t be left without everything they need.

Change your attitude toward failure

An equally important thing is your personal attitude toward possible failures. And here there are several effective techniques that entrepreneurs use.

For example, you can, like Elon Musk, visualize all the horrors that could happen to you in the event of failure – and just accept them immediately, still on this shore. Or you can use the technique of minimizing regrets, which helps Jeff Bezos. Its essence is to imagine yourself as an 80-year-old old man and ask yourself, “Will I regret that I never made up my mind then?” If your answer is yes, put your fears aside and take action. That’s exactly how Bezos once set himself up to quit his good job and launch Amazon.

But personally, I take a different approach. I convinced myself that failure is beneficial. Changed my attitude toward mistakes and missteps and started treating them as opportunities to learn something, to gain valuable experience. Once you rewire your attitude to possible failures – the fear will gradually go away and give way to a desire to improve, to become a better version of yourself.