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Latrophobia or fear of doctors

Latrophobia is a social phobia common to many people in our world. In simple terms, it is a fear of doctors, which manifests itself before visiting a specialist of any category. The greatest fear is of dentists as well as of gynecologists.

It is better to fight this phobia, as it can have a detrimental effect on a person’s health as well as their well-being.

A person suffering from Latrophobia is easy to distinguish. Such a person does not visit hospitals, he looks for suitable medications himself, reads various medical forums on the Internet, and diagnoses himself. There are a huge number of varieties of Latrophobia – white phobia (fear of blood tests), hemophobia (fear of the sight of blood), tomophobia (fear of surgery).

What are the reasons for developing a fear of doctors?

Firstly, it is a negative experience of visiting specialists in the past.

Perhaps in childhood or adolescence, you visited the doctor, and he caused you unnecessary pain or prescribed the wrong treatment.

Secondly, it is a negative experience of visiting the doctor your close relatives or friends, acquaintances.

If you are an impressionable person, any bad experience of your acquaintances can have a negative impact on your attitude toward hospitals.

Third, personality problems and childhood phobias.

What do you mean? For example, childhood impressionability. It is not uncommon for parents to intimidate naughty children with shots and the doctor. Injections often bring pain, especially at a young age. Subsequently, such a non-serious fear develops into Latrophobia. In addition, this group of reasons includes excessive self-love. A person is afraid of something sick, afraid to hear a terrible diagnosis from which he could die or suffer.

There are a huge number of reasons for the development of fear of doctors. Each person is different, each of us has different fears, different thoughts.

It is also worth mentioning the behavior of doctors. Some of them behave arrogantly in dealing with patients. This irresponsibility on the part of doctors generates fear of hospitals and reluctance to do anything in case of health problems.

So, if you are reading this article, you probably realize that you are afraid of doctors. This is the first step in overcoming Latrophobia. Let’s highlight a few common ways to combat Latrophobia.

Myths and overcoming them

Problem: You hold the opinion that it’s better not to know about the illness, so there will be fewer problems. This stereotype is your defensive reaction to your fear of doctors.

Solution: Recall the history of human development. People used to die from TB because there was no treatment. Today, with early detection and proper treatment, a person can live a long and happy life. There used to be no dentists, people lost their teeth by the age of 30. If you continue to be afraid of doctors and persistently fail to see specialists, you risk serious illness and unnecessary problems.

Problem: You are afraid of doctors and you are uncomfortable being in their company. It is far from a secret that doctors’ ethics are not always at a high level. A sick person or a person who is afraid of doctors is not comfortable A sick person or a person who is afraid of doctors does not like to be seen by doctors who are arrogant and indifferent.

Solution: There is a way out of even this situation – find another specialist. Go to a pay clinic or ask your friends what good specialists they know.

Problem: You are afraid of the pain your doctor might cause you. This is a natural fear that is common to almost all people on the planet. Keep in mind the purpose you have in mind when you visit the doctor. You want to be cured, you want to fulfill your dreams, you want to be healthy.

Solution: Don’t be afraid of the pain. After all, it passes, and the moment of pain is only worth enduring. When something unpleasant is done to you, try not to dwell on the process, and think about something pleasant.

General advice for people suffering from Latrophobia – do not be afraid of doctors, do not think of them as someone who is sure to ruin your life and give you a terrible wrong diagnosis. Doctors are our helpers for a healthy life and the fulfillment of an oblivious dream. If you initially go to the doctor with a negative attitude, nothing good will come of your visit to the doctor. Yes, there are mistakes, but there are also positive developments (most of them).