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Ataxiophobia what is it? How to get rid of fear

Ataxiophobia (Greek: ataxia, disorder, disorder; phobos, fear) is a compulsive fear of impaired coordination of movements, especially outside the home; 2. any fear of impaired coordination of movements caused by painful causes. An alternative meaning of the term is fear of any disorder.

Symptoms of ataxiophobia

A clear sign, ataxiophobia, is the fear of losing control of one’s movements.

In addition, the phobia has physical manifestations of the following nature:

  • A sharp increase or decrease in blood pressure;
  • rapid heartbeat;
  • dilation of the pupils;
  • tremors in the extremities;
  • increased sweating;
  • discoloration of the skin
  • etc.

The cause of ataxiophobia

Fear is a basic reaction that is designed to protect the person, in a dangerous situation. It does not matter whether the situation poses a real threat to life or an imaginary one, fear works the same way.

The causes of ataxiophobia can be varied. Psychologists attribute the development of the phobia to the influence of one of the following factors:

  1. The genetic aspect – ataxiophobia , could arise as a result of familial transmission. Perhaps in your generation, someone experienced the same fear and now you inherited it.
  2. Traumatic event in childhood – in most cases, the source of anxiety is a traumatic event that occurred in childhood. Because the event was a long time ago, it has been forgotten in the mind and deposited in the subconscious.
  3. Unfortunate experience – if a person took an action and it brought the result, which was not expected, then the consequence may be a fear.
  4. Imposed fear – as a person belongs to the social species, then accordingly he is subject to the influence of his brethren. Fear is a contagious phenomenon, so ataxiophobia could arise in consequence of the information received from friends, the media, books, movies and other sources.
  5. Depression – mental disorders and stress can wear the body down. As a consequence, the resources to maintain an active state becomes less and less. This leads to the emergence of various phobias and fears.

How to get rid of ataxiophobia?

The simplest and best-known way to get rid of ataxiophobia is to overcome this fear by an effort of will. However, in practice, not everyone is capable of it. Therefore, in psychological practice, uses slightly different approaches.

Pharmacological approach

For the treatment of fears, as well as other psychological disorders, drugs from different groups are used.

  • Tranquilizers: “Afobazol”, “Phenazepam”, “Tenoten”, “Trioxazine”;
  • Antidepressants: “Amisol”, “Reboxetine”, “Autorix”;
  • Hypnotics: “Zopiclone”, “Relaxon”, “Zolpidem”;
  • Neuroleptics: “Aminazin”, “Clopixol”, “Eglonil”.

Please note that self-treatment may lead to unpredictable consequences. Since many of the drugs listed here, have a large number of side effects. Determine the dosage and duration of the course, can only treating physician.

A psychological approach

More often than not, a psychological approach is used to treat fears and phobias. Its use is justified because it allows for quick and steady results. The most common practices among psychologists are as follows:

  • Psychotherapy – the root cause of the fear is clarified with the patient. After which, conducted his workout at a deeper level of the subconscious.
  • Psycho-correction – the essence lies in the simulation of special situations, coping with which a person gets rid of fear.
  • Hypnosis – a specialist leads a person into a trance state in which he imposes the correct response to irritants.
  • Autotraining – as a result of regular autogenic training, a person’s stress level decreases. Which consequently eases his condition.

In medical psychology, complex techniques and approaches are mostly used to overcome fears and phobias.